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Surfactants lower the surface tension between two liquids.

Most common  Surfactants that we encounter in our daily lives  are used to make detergents and body washes such as shower gels, self emulsifying foaming body scrubs, whipped soaps, shampoos, baby shampoos as well as face wash and creamy facial cleansers.

In stock we have sulfate free surfactants that are derived from plant oils such as coconut oil and palm oils.

They are mild and have grear dirt and grease removing power.

In stock:

  1. Coco glucoside a sulfate free  non ionic surfactant, that is a favourite for baby wash, face wash products and sensitive skin shower gels.

  2. Decyl glucoside a sulfate free surfactant that is also mild and a favourite for baby wash products, face wash products.
  3. Sodium cocyl isotheonate, an ionic sulfate free surfactant. Comes as a powder or rice- like flakes. Used to make whipped soaps and sulfate free shampoos and body washes. Also makes self emulsifying oily make up removers.

  4. Cocamido propyl betaine is an amphoteric surfactant. It can be positively or negatively charged depending on product ph. Also used to thicken shampooz and body washes, and make the other co surfactants milder.

  5. Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES) Used to make body wash products, and shampoos.

Our shop is a one stop shop for Organic  Cosmetic raw materials in smaller Moqs for start up organic products businesses as well as DIY Enhusiasts.

We value quality, reliability  and affordability of products.

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