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This is a skin type that needs extra care to manage.

It is more prone to inflammation, and rashes when in contact with soaps, chemicals, dyes, fragrances, oils, and butter.

It is not a condition that your doctor will diagnose you with, many people may not be aware that they got sensitive skin… yeah.

What reacts for one skin might be a holy grail ingredient for another.

For example, one might develop rashes after using a cream with niacinamide, while another person might get smooth, clear skin.

So to manage your skin, know by experience what works for you. If you introduce one ingredient and your skin reacts, note and discontinue using it.

However, some ingredients could be added to your product to reduce sensitivity, redness, and inflammation.

Ingredients such as Bisabolol, Chamomile extracts, Cucumber extracts, aloe vera extracts, Urea, and allantoin are known to calm the skin.

In stock at our shop is a variety of ingredients that you can incorporate when formulating products that target people with sensitive skin types.


We supply authentic raw materials for organic cosmetics in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, and Rwanda.

Shop location: Jeevanjee Gardens shopping mall, shop 55

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