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Unlock Your Formulating Potential with Our Reliable, Affordable, and Accessible Raw Materials & support.

Laboratory Space For Hire

Our Lab is well equipped to enable Formulators to do production of up to 100kg per Batch!
We have:
     – Industrial Mixers,
     – Product Dispensing Machine,
     – Sealers,
     – Heat gun for Shrink wrapping

Formulator Incubation Program

At Formulator’s Haven, we have an incubation facility for new formulators to realize their dreams.

Product Formulation Training

At Formulator’s Haven, we train new formulators to formulate new products in the market.

Training catalogue is provided at your request.

KEBS premise Inspection Facilitation

We offer a production Facility where a new Formulator can be attached to start production and KEBS officials can visit the Lab as part of the Process to get STANDARDIZATION MARK for a new product.

Contract Manufacturing

We do contract manufacturing Moq 5kg for other products (Serum Moq 1kg)

Product formula customization

At Formulator’s Haven, we do Product formula customization.

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