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Botanical Extracts

Also called Herbal Extracts. These extracts are obtained from plants.

Plants have been used by humans for centuries for their medicinal and therapeutic  benefits. Various parts of plants that have shown to bear healing and therapeutic properties are harvested and used to make medicine and cosmetics.

One way of harnessing plant potency is by making concentrated tinctures, powders and glycerites out of them.

We have a great selection of extracts at our Nairobi Shop.

a) Skin Soothing Extracts

These extracts are obtained from plants that have been tested and  proven to have calming and soothing benefits in our bodies. The skin is the largest organ in the body, so their application in cosmetic products ellicits same benefits as they would if ingested. Moreover, the skin directly absorbs the compounds in the extracts upon use of cosmetics  that have the extracts in them. 

These extracts have worked for products made to address issues in sensitive skin, eczema prone skin and young skin.

The skin calming and soothing extracts available at our shop are:

1. Chamomile Extracts

2. Cucumber Extracts

3. Calendula Extracts

4. Aloe vera Extracts

5. Marshmallow Extracts

6. Cactus extract

7. Asiatica centella (cica) extract

b) Anti -Aging Extracts

Some extracts have skin healing and rejuvenating properties. Some extracts can have more than one benefit to the skin, so their classification is not limited to one function.

Extracts such as Calendula are good for eczema prone skin, and have also shown to be wonderful when used on mature skin. Such extracts have compounds that stimulate collagen production in the skin, leading to skin tightening thus reduction in wrinkles and fine lines.

Examples of such extracts are:

1.Marshmallow Extracts

2. Bamboo Extracts

3. Korean ginseng Extracts

4. Green tea Extracts

c) Skin brightening Extracts

These extracts contain compounds that brighten skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation. In a way, the compounds disrupt production of melanin or they reduce melanin production, leading to lighter, glowing skin tones.


Examples of such extracts are:

1. Mulberry extracts

2. Licorice extracts

3. Tomato extracts

4. Carrot extracts

5. Green tea extracts

6. Bear berry extracts

d) Anti acne Extracts

These extracts are derived from parts of plants such as leaves, roots or barks. They have shown to contain compounds that kill acne causing bacteria in skin, or reduce production of excess sebum, which is a common cause of pore blockages that leads to pimples, white heads and black heads.

Examples of such extracts:

1. Willow bark extract

2. Witch hazel extract

3. Tumeric extract

4. Bamboo extracts.

e). Skin healing and rejuvenating Extracts

These extracts have properties that heal and rejuvenate the skin. They have shown to heal sunburned skin, chemical damaged skin, photo damaged skin. They also tighten sagging skin, fade scars and stretch marks on skin. Others work well to repair and condition damaged hair.

They are perfect for mature skin and skins with issues mentioned above.

Examples of such extracts:

1. Asiatica centella (cica) extract

2. Caffeine extract

3. Brown algae extract (Keramere)

4. Bamboo extract

5.Marshmallow extract

Extracts from Animals.

Extracts from snail mucin is rich in glycolic acid, hyarulonic acid. It has been used for ages in Asia for a hydrated, smooth supple skin. It is now a trend in hydrating serums, masks and moisturizers.

Visit our shop in Nairobi and get amazed at the wide selection of extracts in stock!

You can also check our catalogue section and order online. We deliver all over Kenya and East Africa.

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