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Discover the art and science behind successful formulations as we delve into expert tips, creative insights, and innovative techniques to elevate your cosmetic creations. Let’s unlock the magic of formulation together!

  • Always mix Hyarulonic acid, Carbomer, and your gums eg: Xanthan gum, guar gum with propylene glycol or glycerine before hydrating, so as to avoid clumping.

    This will make your formulation procedure more fun and easy.

  • Always add your hydrolised proteins and extracts in water phase.
  • Preservatives, Vit E, Colour and fragrances are best added at cool down phase.
  • Most preservatives are heat sensitive as well as Vit E.
    Fragrance and colours add aesthetic appeal to your product, this should be the last phase.
  • Always chelate your product with EDTA or Sodium gluconate for better stability.
  • If using extracts and actives, it is advised you add Stabilizers such as BHT ( Butylated Hydroxytoluene) to preserve the intergrity of your raw materials in your product, and avoid oxidation, colour change of product.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey of “FORMULATION TIPS.” We hope these insights inspire your creativity and lead you to craft extraordinary cosmetics. Stay tuned for more expert guidance and be empowered to make your formulations shine in the beauty industry. Happy formulating!

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