African Black Soap

KSh 1,500.00

African black soap is a natural soap, originally from West Africa.
It is made with ashes from plantain plants and other herbs that are of great benefit to skin.

African black soap is known for its extensive benefits on skin and hair, mainly:

1. Anti acne: clears pimples, black heads and white heads.
2. Anti dandruff: it has antifungal properties that keep dandruff away.

3. It brightens and tones skin evenly.

1. Make natural shampoos
2. Make skin brightening soap pastes
3. Used alone as bath soaps
4. Makes natural shower gel

African black soap is now available at our Nairobi Jeevanjee Shop.
We also ship African blacksoap to other parts of Kenya, Dar es salaam Tanzania, Kampala Uganda, Rwanda and Somalia

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