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Amla powder is made from dried and ground, Native Indian Gooseberry.
A brown powder.
Used in natural hair products due to its multiple, proven benefits.

▪It has Vit C which is a powerful anti oxidant.
▪ It prevents premature aging, greying of hair, hair thinning and Hair fall.
▪ Helps regenerate skin cells for a healthy scalp
▪ Increases sebum production in scalp thus prevents dandruff formation.
▪ Nourishes hair and prevents hair fall while providing Shine and Strength to hair.
▪Excellent hair toner that prevents hair dryness.
▪ Promotes hair growth.

Application product:
•Hair treatment masques
•Leave-in treatments
•Hair mists

AMLA POWDER is now available in East African countries Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia and Rwanda, through Formulators Haven shop in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.

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